PM Documents and Artifacts

Here is a list of various documents and articles that I have produced in my role as a product manager, shared with the permission of the company.

PM Artifacts

Product Plan – The product plan document was designed to guide the company into the creation of an overall strategic roadmap. I walked the team through the creation of a broad vision for the company and product before working to create the roadmap that would define our product development.

Product Requirements – I would generally work to write detailed product requirements including a product purpose, user persona, use cases, tiered feature sets (MVP functionality, ideal functionality, and nice-to-have features), and a UI mockup. Where possible I would list constraints and release requirements. Product requirements made during the course of work are available for review during an interview or via request.

Example Duolingo Product Requirements – As an exercise, I wrote up a set of product requirements for a hypothetical product for Duolingo for Schools, which would allow classrooms to challenge one another to complete Duolingo school modules, as well as introduce some other interactivity and engagement opportunities.

Model for new lifting algorithm – Through research of various publications from Ohio State’s Spine Center and discussions with professors of biomechanics at Slippery Rock University; I developed, modeled, and validated the factors for a new safety score algorithm for the Arc platform.


Manufacturing cost analysis – An analysis and comparison of producing Arc housing via high fidelity 3d printing or via injection molding. The analysis led the team to invest more upfront for the long-term benefits of injection molding.

mfg analysis

Product Collateral

Arc Product Manual

Arc User Training Presentation – The user training presentation was designed to introduce a client’s users to the device. VIT provided the presentation with notes for supervisors to use in their own meetings as well as a narrated video.